2011-07-31 | 23:37:38


Funny: I now have exactly 112 followers (swedish SOS number)...
And you should know how happy I am for every single one.
I get so happy everyday when I see the number increasing!
Wierd: ALOT of them are from Brasil. I wonder how come?
2011-07-31 | 17:28:25


Life's good. It's a nice sunday, I'm tired and lazy and tomorrow's a new week so I will have to start to work more...
Feels good and finally I'll get of my butt and get myself an iphone. Woop woop!
2011-07-31 | 14:07:39


(pics borrowed from weheartit.com & random tumblrs)
2011-07-30 | 23:02:32

Sweet, sweet life!
2011-07-30 | 21:03:35


2011-07-30 | 20:58:36


2011-07-30 | 16:07:39


(pic taken on the way home. 05.30 this morning)
Hello fellas!! ;) Hope you're good. I am crazy sick tired. But it's ok since I wont put myself through this
again anytime soon.. And I did have fun. Really nice actually. AAND tonight I'll hang with Jennifer. Watch
movies, eat lots of snacks and stuff and just chill. Feels like it's gonna be a good night.
Lots of love to you all!!
2011-07-30 | 15:53:23


2011-07-30 | 12:36:41


Ok. Got home in the morning. Again. Love it! (but I'm definitly done for some time now, haha)
2011-07-29 | 16:18:39


2011-07-29 | 13:25:50


And off to the lake we go!! ;D
2011-07-29 | 07:53:32


Firade Sandra som fyllde år, fick dock ingen schysst bild på henne ^^ Men iaf en väldigt mysig dag!!
2011-07-28 | 18:57:18


2011-07-28 | 18:34:21


I didn't take many photos at all last night, but here's at least two for you ;D
I went to Uddevalla with Putte &co... Met them at the bus stop and off we went :)
2011-07-27 | 16:47:50


2011-07-27 | 11:44:47


2011-07-27 | 11:36:30


Loohoove this outfit. Super simple & niiice :)
2011-07-26 | 23:18:03


pics: we♥it.com & random tumblrs
2011-07-26 | 21:44:48


2011-07-26 | 21:34:29


We took a little trip to the lake with the dogs gnd for the first time this year I actually swimmed for real...
Oh how I love that lake ♥
2011-07-26 | 15:55:33


My camera was set wrong, therefor the poor quality ^^
2011-07-26 | 15:52:25


Martina joined us for breakfast this morning...And after breakfast I hurried away to the train for the trip home :)
2011-07-26 | 10:24:44


Hope you slept well, I did... Now it's time for breakfast and later today I'm going home... I miss the dogs so, so much.. And my family too ofc, haha. ALSO I saw that the weather is aloot better at home than here, yeei! ♥
I've been wearing autumn clothes here... IN JULY. Blää!
Anyway... Talk to you later loves! ♥
2011-07-25 | 16:57:24


ALWAYS: wallet & phone (obviosly), camera, sunglasses, some make-up & a notebook.. Headache pills, in case, gum just for fun, & also some lotion... Notebook is so improtant to me... All good ideas end up there!!... So I don't forget!
2011-07-25 | 16:37:27


2011-07-25 | 12:49:52


OMG the weather sucks. Feels like fall already!? It's really freakin' cold!! :/
ANYWAY. Tomorrow I'm going home.. I reaaally need to book time to get
my hair done, oh yes... Also I ordered teeth whitening, haha...
2011-07-24 | 16:43:48


Haha ♥

2011-07-24 | 16:39:44


2011-07-24 | 01:22:48


Love her ♥ (and also, soo so sad Amy Winehouse left us... so wanted to hear more from her :/)
2011-07-23 | 17:57:42


Great food with great people. Life's good!
2011-07-23 | 14:43:53


Had a nice breakfast (as always) by the channel here in Halmstad... After that we went and checked in some stores and Gustavo bought me a pair of really cute shoes... I'll show you later ♥
BTW check out Gustavos blog!
2011-07-22 | 16:41:22


Today's Elliotts birthday so soon we'll go and see him, and give him his present, hehe..
Everything's good here and hope you all have a great day aswell ♥
2011-07-22 | 15:12:19


2011-07-22 | 15:09:16


2011-07-21 | 16:05:19


Sorry yet again... No camera with me today so, sorry. Good thing- found nice shoes. Everyday flats, black and simple and cheeeap. Just 100 kr. Woop woop. Right now I'm reading some important stuff. Checking inspiration pics
and such... Tried to draw a little before but no, very hard. No inspiration for that at all...
2011-07-20 | 15:53:17


2011-07-20 | 12:42:49


Breakfast in Halmstad, after a pretty long trip here...
2011-07-19 | 19:37:16


I get so wierd when I'm home. I really need to get going with my project and move. I really need to move. Big time...
At least it's summer so I can spend alot of time outside and not just inside!!.. But for fall I really hope we find an
apartment before winter 'cause I really need to have my own space for my stuff... I have now aswell but it just dosen't feel right... Anyway, life's good, I'm really lucky and so, so grateful! ♥
2011-07-19 | 18:24:41


2011-07-19 | 18:01:13


Gossip Girl marahton and some other, a bit more important stuff, that's my day. And some playing with the dogs in the sun. Also I've been super tired theese two last days... Bläää... AAND now I can't wait for dad to come home so we can start with the dinner... I feel like taco (as usual ^^)
2011-07-18 | 21:42:04


I just want to say I'm sorry for the bad update but today I just relaxed and recovered from the weekend, hehe...
I'll give you nice pics and stuff tomorrow, so don't worry ♥
2011-07-18 | 16:27:47


2011-07-17 | 15:58:40


2011-07-17 | 10:39:02


Bad update, I know! But I've been around, hanging out with people. Met old friends. Had too much to drink and danced. Saw some pretty unique stuff and had alot of fun just watching people, haha...
2011-07-16 | 16:04:38


Crazy hungry & tired girl getting ready for yet another night out.
2011-07-15 | 00:08:36


Soooo tired. And tomorrow'll be a great day so I really don't feel like being tired, so good night! ♥
2011-07-14 | 23:34:57


2011-07-14 | 23:31:18


Yesterday. I liked it but Im really gonna get better on taking good pics... I want a new camera. Now!
2011-07-14 | 15:26:29


Went out a little last night with Putte & Emanuela... Nice night but tomorrow I'll just chill in the sofa...
Gustavo's coming so we'll just watch movies & stuff ♥
2011-07-13 | 15:27:13


Last night
2011-07-13 | 13:30:13


I tried getting a tan... Until a huge spider jumps on me! Fuck that shit, I'll just chill out in the sofa instead! ;) ♥
2011-07-13 | 01:33:46


So much love ♥
2011-07-12 | 18:06:43


I've had super cute outfits on theese days but forgot to take pics, I'll get better I promise ;) ♥
2011-07-12 | 11:39:17


Nice breakfast with babe.. A little wierd though since a guy from channel 4 filmed us, haha ^^ ♥

2011-07-11 | 14:52:03


Great day in Halmstad. Exept for my pain from the Gocart accident...
Maybe I should go and check the pain in the neck?... Fuck Gocarts. Forever!!!
2011-07-10 | 18:49:37


2011-07-10 | 18:28:22


2011-07-10 | 18:18:49


AWESOME sunday I have to say!!... Breakfast at EH, scones, then a walk to the park and fed the ducks- loove it!! After that the guys came up with an idea- go gocarting! YEEI
Not. I got scared but did it anyway and then I had an accident. It hurt really bad and my helmet flew off
and I couldn't breath... And I'm bleeding on the butt, haha. NO more gocarting for me, haha!
And the best of all: a bird took a dump at Gustavo HAHA! ♥
Aaand right now he's drawing my design, I LOVE IT. And I think you will aswell..
2011-07-10 | 12:13:08


Cool day. A little bit in town hanging out, then I went on a boat with Adrian and Martina- forgot to take pics ofc ^^
And the cigarette is fake, as you can see but imagen my shock when I saw him with that thing the other day.
OMG I really couldn't believe my eyes, haha.. Turned out to be all fake, nicotinfree and everything, phuuu!
2011-07-10 | 11:57:33


We planned staying in town just for a drink or two. Stayed all night and went to lots of shitty places, haha!
2011-07-09 | 09:43:37


Here are some of last nights pictures... Really nice evening with nice people and some Rosé..
2011-07-08 | 13:40:43


Did some shopping with the ladies and then took a drink with the fellas ;)
Super nice day and evening ♥
2011-07-08 | 11:46:45


In the studio drinking Pucko and just relaxing... The weather kinda sucks today, buuhu!
2011-07-07 | 23:04:28


I like my new hat. It's brown.
2011-07-07 | 15:16:11


Back in Halmstad again!
2011-07-07 | 09:47:14


I think you should help me by helping a friend to win a tickets to lollapalooza by first:
Liking THIS
And then THIS
2011-07-06 | 20:42:08


Just got home from "movie-making", haha... It's been a super long day so it's fucking awesome to be home again, haha... And I can't wait to eat!!! I'm craaazy hungryyy! And later I'll see Sophie as planned, and tomorrow I will
go to Halmstad and see my baby again, yeei. I will also get tattoed (finally!!) ♥
2011-07-05 | 21:30:20

Flower power

Gustavo got me this lovely jumpsuit for my birthday and I love it! Hehe,
and I made the head band this morning out of a pair of pantyhose ^^
I spent the day with Jennifer, shopping (found a hat, a jumpsuit, underwear
and a head band)
and fixing her hair ^^ Hope you all had a great day 'cause
I sure did. And in some wierd way I ended up becoming an extra in a movie.
So tomorrow I'll starr in a movie, haha... Probably wont even see me but still ^^
2011-07-05 | 11:19:18


See u lateer ♥
2011-07-04 | 21:31:27

Add vodka

2011-07-04 | 13:13:30


Wow. I'm way to white for my birthday. It's July ffs and I'm as white as in December. From now I'll be in the sun and get a tan 'cause this is just rediculous, haha. AAND today will be a sleepy day and a little bit of work. TTYL ♥
2011-07-04 | 13:00:56

Love you

Love you baby! ♥
2011-07-03 | 23:46:24


Awesome birthday. Hot, little bit of cake, family, shopping, cinema and love :)
2011-07-03 | 23:37:55

Polka dots

I was wearing a new top and new shoes Gustavo got me yesterday ♥
2011-07-03 | 13:52:00

Happy B-day to me!

Today is the day I turn 21. Really adult. Wow. I'm gonna spend it with Gustavo in Gothenburg.
A little shopping and a movie. A movie I've been wanting to see for some time now, Bad teacher!
2011-07-02 | 22:09:55


Ok. No cinema. Just stay at home night. Again. We'll go to shop and catch a movie tomorrow. Now: horror movie!! ♥
2011-07-02 | 20:00:35


All black and lovely!! ♥
2011-07-01 | 21:16:07

Pink sky

[My pics]
2011-07-01 | 17:02:22


Nya skor från Nelly. The red ones would fit so well on my feets!! ♥
2011-07-01 | 16:25:07

Criminal stuff

Me a couple of minutes ago... AAND soon, well.. later, my babe comes here YEEI! Tomorrow we'll go to my brothers place to celebrate his son who's turning two :) and later we'll go to Gbg to shop a little and see and movie! ♥
2011-07-01 | 08:57:08


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