2011-04-30 | 19:51:39


New top from h&m
2011-04-30 | 18:12:59

You can take my heart

I think I've posted this before but it's a favorite so it doesn't matter ;) enjoy
2011-04-30 | 10:05:08


Today we're going away for the day... It's Valborg and we're going to Gbg and later we'll probably go to Ellinors
school since they have a concert of some sort :) Talk to you later sweeties!! ♥
2011-04-29 | 15:51:05


[converse-tights,tröja & hoodie från h&m-backpack Monki-earrings Glitter-Necklace Bikbok-glasses Lindex]
2011-04-29 | 15:40:06


I need Bcn. Like right now!
2011-04-29 | 15:29:07


Todays plans changed and insted of Gbg we stay in, play with dogs and tonight we'll have a bbq :)
2011-04-28 | 20:04:48

AK today

2011-04-27 | 15:43:10


-old jacket-hoodie h&m-tee ramon maiden-tights h&m-converse-
2011-04-27 | 15:36:00


2011-04-27 | 15:28:17


I had a nice day with Sofie & Isak... Went to the lake, to a walk in the woods & played alot with the dogs :)
2011-04-26 | 22:50:22


2011-04-26 | 16:23:20


Sorry guys, I just don't feel very well today. At all. If I feel better later, I'll post some pics & stuff ♥
2011-04-26 | 10:51:45

Oh how I've listened to this song and how still I love it!!
2011-04-25 | 20:46:24


Top-Vest-Clutch-Shorts from Monki, Belt-Shoes from H&M & Ring from StylebyTyra.se
This is kinda what I'd like to wear tomorrow :)
2011-04-25 | 14:27:17


Still ♥ this video
2011-04-25 | 10:57:59

(pics from the other day with Jen & Elli)
How lovely life is when it's hotter outsiden than inside!
2011-04-24 | 21:41:55


2011-04-24 | 19:03:47


Haha, Linus thought my tattoos were pretty and wanted the same ^^ He also wanted eyeshadow and beard, haha.
2011-04-24 | 14:12:48


Today is my brothers birthday so it'll be a party here soon and therefor I'll be busy for a couple of
hours but I'll post some cool birthdayparty pics later... Hope you all have a great sunday! ♥
2011-04-24 | 11:20:06

Painted faces

Haha, we also painted our legs and arms ^^ This sunday is super fun, haha!
2011-04-23 | 22:09:07


Super simple. Super great for this day :)
2011-04-23 | 21:47:16


Today was really a great day and a perfectly happy easter! ♥
2011-04-23 | 17:10:19


Oh, sorry but today I went with my brother & family to a zoo, I'll show you alot more pics later PEEEACE
2011-04-22 | 12:43:29


Good day everyone! Right now I'm getting ready for a walk to meet Jennifer. Sweet! ♥
2011-04-21 | 23:34:59


2011-04-21 | 18:41:15


This years first... (?) Mjukglass, haha LOOOVE it like crazy! ♥
2011-04-21 | 18:34:42


Alot (ALOT) of talking & quit alot wine with my Putte.
I went to an old friend, Linda, and catched up a little, and then Putte picked me up to hang at his place :)
2011-04-20 | 20:11:10


I just remembered. I've had pink hair alot of times now... Gustavo hates it but I know I'll do it again even though it makes me look like a kid, hehe... These pics btw are from -09... What a nice, and crazy, year that was ^^
2011-04-20 | 18:33:35

Let me blow your mind

2011-04-20 | 17:59:27


I've painted the stairs again, with pretty good resulat I must say...
And also the roof has been painted and this weekend there will
be new floor in the living room to. Sweet!
2011-04-20 | 17:12:02

Sneak peak

I'll take real pics of how I look latero
2011-04-20 | 16:46:36

Oh my, how lovely life is.. Weather is amazing, I get to play with the cutest puppy & I'm insainly in love!
I'm young & healthy & I'm planning my future, and right now I feel like there's no limits.
2011-04-20 | 12:52:30


[everything from h&m.com]
I really can't wait 'til summer. And today I miss Bcn like never before,
but soon I'l be there again, one month and one day left to be exact,
haha. And how I'd love to wear this outfit... (Wanna shooop)
2011-04-19 | 17:29:50


I really need to start to take better photos to chare with you guys! Not today though. Today I play with bubbles!
2011-04-19 | 16:32:01

Release Me

2011-04-19 | 12:05:06

In the sun

Oh how lovey it is to be able to walk out in bikini (!!!)
2011-04-18 | 23:12:09

I want YOU to press "Like"!!

I would love it if you could just KLICK HERE and press the "Like"button.
That would be really lovely! Thanks & sleep well sweeties!!
2011-04-18 | 20:16:25


2011-04-18 | 19:42:45

I love you

Sister ♥
2011-04-18 | 19:26:12


[Converse, thights-h&m, tee-Bikbok, jacket-oold, backpack-Monki]
So this was me today, as simple as it should be a day like this ♥
2011-04-18 | 08:22:30


Ok. Something is really wrong with my blog, so I'm a bit to pissed to blog alot. And also I'll go to Gbg today, so see you guys tonight! peace
2011-04-17 | 00:27:28

Lady Gaga


2011-04-16 | 19:07:35


I have no idea whats wrong but I cant blog normally, sorry guys!
2011-04-16 | 11:50:35


2011-04-16 | 11:34:47


I want these pants pretty badly.. They're from Gina tricot and costs 249kr.
2011-04-16 | 10:09:09

I ♥ Nelly

I think I'd like to walk around with shoes that reminds me of bananas, haha!
2011-04-14 | 19:56:09


I'm really sorry about my absence but I'm just way to tired.
And I've just been working and then chillin' so no new cool
pics for you guys anyway... I will really, really try!! ♥
2011-04-14 | 18:58:53


Ok, so this is kinda how I looked today, kiisses!!
2011-04-13 | 19:56:50


Ok. I guess my update will be pretty low during the days from now.. But I'll try to fix updates anyway...
And also I'm really thinking about getting an iphone and that will really make it alot easier :)
I'll try to prepare some posts for tomorrow before I go to bed, kisses for all!! ♥
2011-04-13 | 18:59:48


I love this jacket!.. It looks better than it does in these pictures though ♥
2011-04-12 | 19:40:25

Wildfox summer

And the best thing is: summer's soon here!!!
2011-04-12 | 19:19:06

2011-04-12 | 18:01:38


As usual I was to lazy to take good pics ^^ But anyway a very boring outfit,
but aside from that it's been a great day. First day at work and it feels good!
2011-04-11 | 21:17:12

These feelings wont go away

2011-04-11 | 15:58:55


I've painted the stairs today (proud, heh) and later I'll fix upstairs, yeei! ;)
2011-04-11 | 09:13:13


Today I'm gonna fix alot in the house &  more 'cause it's my last free day so I'll try to fix as much as I can!
2011-04-10 | 20:51:06

Kittens inspired by kittens

Haha, always makes me smile!
2011-04-10 | 20:25:29

2011-04-10 | 16:52:21


I'm such a lady ^^ Sorry for bad update but I've been out in the lovely weather all weekend! :)
2011-04-10 | 10:29:26


Wonderful day!!!
2011-04-08 | 21:11:50


(pic. last april)
2011-04-08 | 14:04:47


New softie pants (:
2011-04-08 | 13:00:53


(fav. flower ♥)
Not so many questions but a few anyway. Hope everything is great with you guys!
I'll post pics and stuff later, peeeace!
2011-04-07 | 15:04:07


2011-04-06 | 23:19:01


Oh, I forgot to answer your questions the last time, so let's try again..
If there is anything you wonder, ask now and I'll answer tomorrow night...probably!
(In swedish aswell ofc)

2011-04-06 | 20:49:27


Jeans jackeeet ♥&♥ converse!! (spriiingtime)
2011-04-06 | 20:44:42


Went with Gustavo to Halmstad today anyway.. He's not leaving until friday so I thought I might aswell just go with him.
2011-04-06 | 20:35:41


¿Have I ever mentioned I love you?
2011-04-06 | 08:37:57


(ph: we♥it)
2011-04-05 | 21:21:24


2011-04-05 | 18:32:35


So today I've just fixed all my clothes, threw away to big garbage bags with clothes :O
And I started planning the new design which I hope will be done tomorrow night ♥
2011-04-05 | 17:55:14


So what do you think about that? I know that it'll help my non-swedish readers,
even my non english speaking readers will gain on it 'cause the translation from
english is normally more correct for some reason :)
2011-04-05 | 12:49:07


Jag älskar dig syster!
2011-04-05 | 00:20:01


2011-04-05 | 00:14:55


2011-04-04 | 19:27:59


(haha- bilden)
Vi är seriöst det bästa som finns!
2011-04-04 | 19:10:36


Glitter, gina x2 & Lindex
Örhängena gick på endast 25 riksdaler, oh yes! Sen är den rosa väskan för söt och "bluslinnet" som jag redan har i svart köpte jag en vit variant av också, finfint! Kände mig även tvungen att köpa den svarta bkinin då det är rätt svårt att hitta fina bikinis i min storlek. Ooch så fick det bli lite nya duschting för mig och mannen min.
2011-04-04 | 18:52:43

AK today

Svart & lite vitt & inte mer än så. Väldigt, väldigt ovanligt med jeans för min del, men helt ok ändå! :)
2011-04-03 | 19:08:41


Kul kväll igår. Fin dag idag. Bilder kommer upp senare...
Nu ska jag slappa lite till, peace!
2011-04-03 | 11:25:29


(bild från förra året)
Gustavo är iväg som vanligt och jag känner för att ligga i sängen mest hela dagen. Sovrummet är så himla fräscht och mysigt nu och sängen är så stor och go att jag inte vill lämna rummet. Men ska få lite mer ordning, fixa lite med mina kläder och annat innan Gustavo kommer tillbaks... Idag är det verkligen söndag!
2011-04-02 | 12:55:52

21 of May

(Bilder från första trippen till Bcn)
Saknar änna Barcelona lite. Eller ganska mycket till och med. Saknar tom. den äckliga lukten på gatorna, haha!
2011-04-02 | 09:47:31

Someone like you

Jag vet att det är en liplåt men så sjukt, sjukt vacker och bra. Kan inte sluta lyssna!! ♥
2011-04-01 | 12:47:39

Moving time

Nu flyttar vi! ♥
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